Saturday, April 14, 2012

Creating Memories

I read this and I had to share.. What a great article..

"Your Children want you" by April Perry at The Power of Moms.

A mom who is creating/crafting almost every day I am usually so tired and honestly don't want to look at a stack of paper/felt or fabric.. Then the guilt sets in that I don't do as many craft project with the kidoos  as I use to or work on all those things on my decor to do list for my home..  I think as a mother and wife we tend to put so many standards on our self's and compare our self's with others... I tend to find myself saying we need to take the kids to this event and to that event. I have such great intentions of making each holiday & birthday so special, trying so hard to make those moments so memorable..

After reading the above article, I started to think... All those birthday's that I would through large parties, fun themes and extravagant decorations (that my husband and I stay up so late making the night before)... what did this kiddos like the most presents of course, but every year I make special chocolate chip pancakes with a whip cream smiley face. And they will always ask me the night before "mom are you going to make me my special pancakes". Those are those precious memories that I have been working so hard on creating. I don't have to work so hard, I can be my self! My children love me and cherish me as I do them.. Our good night talks, tucking them in every night our silly dancing and talks over dinner and the list can keep going.. What a blessing to realize this and maybe one day our children will carry on some of the same family traditions that we do now with there families and create new memories and traditions with there families when they get older (allot older, LOL) as I know my husband and I did with ours (childhood memories).

Each moment is a treasure, I  cherish every breath I have with my children. And yes, I will still look online and magazines to create fun activities for the kids and I probably still through some fun parties, because that is who I am. But if I can't, Its ok!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Give Away Monday...!!

3/22/12 UPDATE: PerryMamma is our winner... Thank you very much for entering into the giveaway! I will be emailing everyone who entered via my blog or facebook with a special thank you tomorrow morning..

Hope you all are going to enjoy this beautiful day!!

Today is Give away Monday..

I will be giving away my new slouchy hat on Thursday, March 22...

Here are ways to be entered into the giveaway...

Do one are all.. The more you enter the better your chances are!!

1. Leave a comment on my Facebook (use the page tab on the top of this page) what you all did for St. Patty's day weekend even if it was just staying at home.
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Good Luck!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday's at Swill

Making some more collage frames for tomorrow..

I will be at Swill Coffee and Wine (Reno,NV) from 10 to 2pm "Check out the event on the left for directions and details....! They have some great vendors there from fine jewelery, beautiful mosaics, steampunk jewelry and hair accessories, screen printing, paintings, garden markers and allot more...

It is such a relaxing environment and they offer gluten free donuts, muffins and danishes as well as there fabulous gourmet coffee..
And I can't forget I will be giving a Free gift for every purchase of $18 or more...! I truly believe they make the best coffee in town..!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PTC Coral Academy Fair

I was very excited about the display for our frames… This was the first time they were going to be up were everyone can see them. Lately I have only had them on my table, which did no justice for them... I am so proud of Arthur (my husband) for finishing this for me; we literally finished putting it together the night before the show. We still have to stain it and my plan is to put a back drop behind the whole display, but I have to say it came out so good despite not being a 100% in our eyes.

  (Don't mind me in drinking coffee.. I wish she would have told me she was taking a picture... But I am greatful I forgot my
camera so this was a blessing that I have pictures
from this show)
I had so much fun at the fair, I got so many great compliments on my display and I met some fantastic ladies there and had a great time visiting with my mom… Sold a good amount of my product as well... That’s always a Plus! It was a great day all the way around! Looking forward to my next show!